How To Share My Blog Posts Live Social (Facebook/Twitter) in WP

We all love to shred things in social and if you also want to share your WordPress blog posts then it a pretty easy way to share your posts live social media. But lots of people don’t know how to do it, and if you also don’t know then this aricel only for you. Here we will know how to How To Share My Blog Posts Live Social like facebook, twitter, etc.

However, here we gonna show you a very easy way which you can follow to share your blog pots live on your social handle for free. So you can follow the steps below and know how to do it. And I think you should share your blog pots on social platform and read below why?.

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Why You Should Shared Your Blog Posts on Social?

If you want make a blog to make money then you know blog will need visitors and if you don’t have then how can you make. And if you share your blog on social then it will work as a promoting and then you will get some social visitors. And ones you will get some real visitors then your blog pots will automatically ranked. Also lost of benefit has to share blog post on social.

How to Share Blog Posts on Social (WordPress)

Hey, if you won a WordPress site then you must share your Blog Posts on Social and reason we have already said. So lets know how to do it, with a easy way.

Steps 1: You must install Jetpack plugin which is developed by WordPress, so you can use without any worry.

Steps 2: Then create a Jetpack account and then go to Jetpack dashboard and where you will see shred option, so visit share option and connect your socal account.

Steps 3: Then you don’t need to do any thing just make sure you have successfully concrete you social account with Jetpack. Then automatically pots will published on Facebook and twitter account.

Note: This is the one of the best and safe way to share your blog pots on your social media for free. And it’s only for WordPress sites not others.

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